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The team at Skytrex Systems proudly presents the showcasing of AvCaddy EFB for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch Devices, available now via the Apple App Store!

AvCaddy EFB - It's All in the Details

Pilots tend to want software that is intuitive, simple to use, and yet flexible and smart enough to handle common and advanced tasks. While other software has been hit-or-miss in these areas, AvCaddy EFB delivers - and our software is fun to use too! Additionally, we are driven to providing exceptional value and money savings for our subscribing customers.

Please visit each of the following sections on the bar at the top to get a great overview of what we have to offer.

AvCaddy EFB v1.1 - iPad Support Available!

Hello pilots, AvCaddy EFB v1.1 has just been released with complete iPad support available. We expect to have a v1.1.1 release made available to all our subscribing customers in about a week. This version fixes a few minor bugs. We have a lot of great things in store for you all as we continue to expand the feature-set within AvCaddy EFB. With that said, we enjoy receiving comments which will allow us to factor-in your valued input on which features matter to you most.

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